BEST Protective Style For Naturals EVER

As a natural head, I bet you have rocked braids in the past or even right now. It’s a style that is super easy to achieve, a worKs for almost everybody’s daily routines. Protective styling is probably a MUST. Benefits such as retaining moisture and LENGTH are just some of them. There are so many different protective styles to choose from, but here’s my absolute FAVOURITE.

image  image image


This probably the only protective hairstyle I can do that allows me to not play in my hair, retain length and still look great. I’ve tried a bunch of other styles such as wigs and weaves, but I somehow always went back to my braids



-Super affordable.

-Easy to maintain.

-Helps retain moisture and length.

-Less maintenance and stress on the hair .

-Versatility and comfort.


* It can be tempting to neglect your natural hair .

*Box braids tend to be very heavy .

*Can cause trauma to the hair (yes, the edges girl) .

*Takes longer to do than for instance, weaves or putting on a wig.

However, you can see that the benefits outweigh the negatives , and don’t get me wrong, do what works for you, but I always go with what is easy, what will last, what looks good and what will make my hair happy.

OMG, an added plus is how beautiful box braids look on literally EVERYBODY.

Take care ,


Staple Wardrobe Pieces That Are TIMELESS

There are some items in every girl’s wardrobe that are just AMAZING staple pieces. Don’t even worry about them going out style 🙂



For some reason, I have fallen in love with grey tee’s (especially paired with black or white). Grey just looks so amazing on all skin types, and makes your outfit look so edgy.



Definitely gives a feminine , mysterious look . I love this look with a simple blazer, and or even by itself (adding simple jewellery). Every girl’s must have.



Black tops are just a lot of fun to dress up . Whether you’re going for an all black look, or trying to dress down a look, they allow you to make some adjustments. They are also easy to accessorise , which is GREAT.



Cartigans are just awesome staple pieces for the chilly season, or evening looks. They are playful, and they give any outfit the extra glow it needs. Love them especially on denim jeans, and even dresses.



Black blazer are just amazing for afternoon, and even evening looks. Depending on the look you’re going for, blazers gives you a classic and super edgy look.



If anybody knows me, they know that I’m always in leggings. They are super comfortable, and show off your body in all the right places. However, leggings are for specific events, it will not allow for a dinner date look, at all lol. I also prefer black leggings, because of how they look, compared to other colours.



I love a black handbag because it’s effortless and timeless. They bring a great look to any outfit, and I love especially a leather black handbag (they look so chic) . All other types of bags come second.



A white jean jean is just such a great piece in your wardrobe that will allow you to look super chick fresh and classy. I love these jeans with a blazer, or even going for an all white look. Definitely a must.


This simple top is a great statement piece, although it is very plain. You can use this to dress down a look, or even add accessories that gives your look a different look. A basic tee screams sophistication. I just LOVE it!



Denim jeans are great accessory for summer , and they go with almost everything. I have no doubt every girl has one of these.



A great statement especially in spring. This type of dress can be worn at night or during the day, matched with a plain blazer and more solid items.



Black jeans are just making , they give a great fit, and allows you to play around with different colours, patterns and accessories. It helps you make your look either bold, or less distracting. It just keeps an outfit from looking super busy.



One of my favourite looks. I am always found in blue denim jeans, and I love just the amazing different looks it gives. You also get different shades of blue, and I love the effortless look it gives .

These are my fav staple products, that are timeless. They go all year round, without worrying about been out of trend. Thanks for checking them out.


JESUS is COMING SOON! | Rapture is at the DOOR


I was one of those Christians that knew of God, but didn’t know him- there’s a big difference.

With so many SIGNS leading to us knowing the great Messiah is on His way, we have to be ready , and be found blameless before Him. image

God said that in the last days, perilous times will come.

– God said there will be earthquakes, tsunami’s, and famines in various places. We have seen this all throughout America. [Matthew 24: 7-8 ] OPEN YOUR EYES

Jesus tells us that if we want to follow Him, we have to carry our cross and follow Him [ Matthew 16:24]. I feel in my heart he meant that we have to stop our sinful ways e.g fornication, and rather suppress our flesh, and lift our Spirit


I have sinned far more than I can even remember, sometimes I would feel as though He won’t accept me, or I am annoying. But God has always opened up – HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU, if you don’t give up on. Him.

Its so scary to even think that what we choose today, will either be good or bad. What I mean is that , if we deny God, He will also deny us, and will go to hell. if we accept Him, He will accept us.

Jesus tells us that what good is there for man to gain the world, yet lose his soul [Mark 8:36]. This is true because none of our possessions will take heaven, and the world is NOT worth it. Choosing the world is choosing bondage, it is choosing eternal damnation, it is choosing DEATH.

God loves us SO MUCH that He has given us signs, if we choose to ignore them, we will surely regret it. Let’s not take this lately, or for a joke, for the end , when rapture comes, we will only have God to rely on.


– More sin in the world than ever before

– The RFID chip is out (Mark of the Beast) . America is saying that in order to access the Obama Care, one needs a chip implanted in one’s skin. Crazy , right? We need to understand Jesus is coming back for his bride .

Repent and get right with God while you still can 🙂

– War against Israel

[All these things, God knew before, they can be all found in the Bible]


* Ask God to save you

* Ask and repent of your sins daily, for it is wise to always work out your salvation – sin diverts us from God’s love, so we have to always be pure before him

* Read and study the word everyday – not just on Sundays


*Ask for the Holy Spirit for He will give you strength to endure, and a lot more

* Turn away from sin with the help of the Holy Spirit

*Spread God’s word for God says “He who wins souls is wise” [ Proverbs 11:30]

* Do not get the chip or anything that is to be transplanted into you. PLEASE!

I was one of those people that also said the Christian faith has just too many rules, but when you are. True child of God, they seem almost normal. For we are made in God’s image, therefore, we must love Holiness.

May God grant us mercy, a open heart and strength to endure until He comes back for us. God bless each one of you who took the time to listen .



Nobody can deny the AMAZING fit both the TOPSHOP Joni and Mom jeans give. This look is such a trend right now, that although you spend some bucks on these two items, it is so worth it.




  • First thing I noticed about these jeans is its GREAT FIT. It literally hugs your body, and leaves no room for error. I love that it comes in all sizes.
  • Another thing that impressed me about these jeans is that they are so stretchy and super COMFY! For me, it is important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.
  • The Joni jeans also come in various colours, which I think is great . It comes in a faded blue, grey, black, dark blue, you name it. So, you are not restricted to just wearing one colour, that you may find everyone wearing.
  • The QUALITY is also great, doesn’t fade or stretch at all! yaaaay.


  • I did not see any negative in these jeans, except that they are quite pricy. Well, I feel they are worth it.



PicMonkey Collage


– When I heard about their mom jeans, I was a little skeptical because i didn’t know how they would fit (as these jeans need to be not too tight like Joni Jeans, but not too loose either).

I also didn’t know what the difference would be between the mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans.

– However, I bought them and OMG! they fit so well. They hug your body, but leave room for a loose look. LOVE THEM!

– They go with anything- they can be worn as an edgy look, or perhaps a hippy look. Regardless, they make a look just POP.

– The quality and colour is also AMAZING. TOPSHOP never disappoints .


* They are more expensive than the Joni jeans

* Doesn’t have a variety of colours


I just LOVE these jeans. My favourite are the Joni jeans because of their effortless fit, and look. They are super hugging, and look great on all body types. Yes!

The mom jeans are also great, as they gives you different looks, such as a vintage or even hip look.

THESE WERE DEFINITELY WORTH THE BUCKS, ladies 🙂 . Great investment.

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My 4C Simple Hair Care Regimen / TWA

Going natural can be a whole lot of fun, right? But it can also be quite demanding. While going natural, I watched various Youtube videos, and even read a few blogs to make sure I was on the right track. I then came up with my very own regimen.

However, it is important to work with your schedule and YOUR HAIR needs. What I mean is knowing your hair porosity, and even your hair type.


  •  Co-washing means to wash your hair with only conditioner.
  • [ I have 4C hair]
  • [ My hair is low porosity]



Sunday is usually my hair day, having a twa however, makes everything go by super FAST.

  1.  I clarify my hair with either Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider vinegar, or I will use a sulfate shampoo (Tresemme) just because I feel my hair does feel super clean after 🙂
  2. I then use Dr. Miracles Deep Conditioner to restore the moisture back after all that stripping of moisture. I leave on the deep conditioner for usually either 40-60mins as instructed.
  3.  I DETANGLE with my fingers, or a comb if my hair is drenched in water or conditioner .



I use the LOC Method to moisturise my naturally dry hair, ladies.

L= LIQUID (Dr. Miracles Leave in Conditioner)

O= OIL (Usually Coconut oil, might switch up with Almond oil and or Avocado oil)

C= CREAM (Dr. Miracles Weightless Moisturising Creme)


I do think this method works if you make sure the ‘L’ and ‘O’ part is done well. Before realizing this, my hair would be super dry, and felt so rough to the touch (4C hair problems haha).

* I don’t usually style my hair, I usually prefer its natural look. If I do manipulate my hair, it’s only to stretch it, to appear longer and thicker!

* I stay away from heat . I never use heat, except when i’m at the salon , and getting my hair straightened to install braids or something.


— I moisturise usually in the morning .

— ALWAYS REMEMBER WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. During my shower, I will drench my hair in water, then go on with my LOC method.

– – If I am stretching it, I will add oil to my scalp and hair just for it to be shinier.

— I also remember to seal my ends with Coconut oil.

— I don’t moisturise my hair at night, unless I feel it is dry. Water is my first step.

— It is vital to mention that I use warm water as my hair is low porosity, so I need to open my strands up.


I co-wash (with Organics for dry & damaged hair, however, my hair is only dry, and not damaged) every Wednesday because it’s kind of in the middle of the week, and when I am the least busy.

I also feel I should cowash more often because of the dryness of my hair.


I repeat the LOC Method here too.


–  I don’t style my hair in bantu knots yet (hair is too short), but I stretch it the night before, if I am going for a longer looking twa.

– I still use the LOC method for such a style. I also go a little heavy on the oils sometimes.



– Keep your oils organic, it’s very IMPORTANT

– LOVE your hair because it’s uniquely yours 🙂

– Work with a regimen that works with your lifestyle.

– Know your hair porosity as this will help with how you moisturise.



Turn Offs For Girls That Guys May Not Know About

No matter how much you like a girl, or try to pursue her in one way or another, these and MORE turn offs will cause her to run away from YOU and not to you. BUT, in order to change, you have to know what those things are, right? Right. Knowing these things will get you from this:


To this:



Irritating Drunk

Getting drunk in front of your girl is not only direspectful, but super annoying. No girl wants to be stuck with a drunk guy at her doorstep. She is bound to not respect you as much. Now, don’t get me wrong, if it’s a mutual agreement, then go ahead. But some guys just don’t get it.



Yes, it’s super cute when you want to spend time with your girl, but there’s a fine line between cute and just down right CLINGY. Girls want a chase once in a while, and even to fight for your attention. Being clingy will just make her distance herself from you. It ends up been not cute, or romantic at all.



As many may know, girls are moody half the time, and it’s only natural. Having a guy who is just as moody will only strain the relationship. Who will be the stable step to keep the relationship intact? It certainly won’t be her. I understand we can’t always be rosy all the time, but being moody on purpose is such a turn off.



I think one of the few reasons guys lose out on such great women, is because of their cockiness. There’s a level of confidence these guys reach, which results as arrogance. It’s super attractive when a guy is cocky about his girl, it makes her feel special. But, when it comes across as bragging and or arrogant, the girl is bound to not stay.



No bad mouth can get a good first impression. In fact, it will only make the girl run far from you. I do know girls who don’t mind it, but what about when you meet her parents? Will you be able to change that? Personally, I feel the setting matters, but when a guy does not acknowledge anything wrong with his language in a given situation, is worrying.



This speaks for itself. A girl can spot a guy who takes good care of himself simply by the way he smells. It is such a turn on to have a guy with a great cologne, and smelling good all around. NOBODY, and I mean nobody wants to be with someone who smells awful. Yuck! Even talking about it makes me cringe. You can mess up here, and there, but bad odour everyday is just not on.



Majority of the guys I know hardly know what been tidy means. For them, having a messy room or house is completly okay. Well, not for girls who are neat freaks. We may not say it, but we expect just a little cleanliness. It is quite attractive to have a well groomed guy.



Most girls won’t admit this, but deep down in their hearts, they are nodding at this right now. Girls by nature want to feel secure in all aspects, and having a guy asking for money all the time just makes her cringe. You don’t have to be super rich or always with cash, but spoiling her when you can is good enough.



I mean who likes a flirt right? Well unless you’re flirting with her. It will only leave her feeling insecure and not trust you. Having a flirt for a guy, means every single girl (well , maybe not every single girl) knowing the guy’s ins and outs when it comes to his ‘Flirt Book’. That sucks for any girl who wants to be the only one.



Nobody feels attracted to cheaters. Even cheaters themselves. It’s even worse when men are arrogant about the fact that they have multiple women. Losing her trust the first time, will only result in her never trusting you again, even if she lies that she does.

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Castor Oil For Hair, Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth- The Magic Oil

Have you ever over plucked your eyebrows? (raises hand) . Does your hair just keep getting thinner and thinner? Or even worse, keeps breaking off?

Let’s have a moment of silence for this INCREDIBLE oil, that I think every single person should have. Castor oil is amazing for thicker and fuller hair. It doesn’t just stop there, it works just as great for constipation, eyebrows and eyelashes


When I heard the great reviews this oil got. I knew I had to get my hands on it. However, like with most things, one can get sceptical as to whether it will indeed work or not. That didn’t stop me.

Eyebrows are so prominent on a girls face that without them, the face just somehow appears differently, right? Now, I don’t know about you, but I have ALWAYS admired women with thick eyebrows. And, more importantly, to be able to head out the house without that eyebrow liner.

Now, take a look at how Castor oil just thickened these eyebrows that looked super thin and sparse.


Yes, I have not forgotten about the hair, which is what most people use this oil for. Castor oil does not grow hair, but however promotes hair growth, thickness as well as strength of the hair. Doesn’t that just sound so great?



I honestly can’t believe how awesome this oil is. I have been growing my eyebrows , by putting castor oil on them before bed. I have naturally thin brows, and in a week, I have already seen sparse areas thickening up. All thanks to Castor oil.

Benefits and uses of Castor Oil

  •  Thickens hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
  •  Filled with Vitamin E
  •  Can be used as a hair and scalp treatment
  •  Daily Eyebrow moisturiser
  •  Can be used for the face to delay wrinkles and ageing, giving a youthful glow
  •  Promotes hair growth

The only down side to this oil is perhaps its thickness (mix with other lighter oils to prevent that), and its horrible smell. However, I’m sure you’re willing to look past that for amazing thicker hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, right?

Give this a try if you haven’t already, and let me know how it goes 🙂

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